Brynda Glazier
Verecund MountainVerecund Mountain (detail of figure)Verecund Mountain (detail with installation view)Verecund Mountain (detail of hands and glowing rock bath)The Other SideRelaxed Lake EyeRelaxed Lake Eye (detail of figure)Relaxed Lake Eye (detail of legs and palm)Relaxed Lake Eye (detail of face)Relaxed Lake Eye (detail with installation view)Relaxed Lake Eye (detail of cat)Milk of the BonsaiThe Fourth DimensionLight Tunnels (day and night view)Frozen Refuge Missing Her Minding the StoneThe Mirror (installation view and detail)
The Other Side of the Lake
This installation evolved from stories I had written about characters in transition. These narratives turned into the framework for the ceramic figures and their surroundings. The environments consist of two primary inhabitants, digitized relaxation soundscape, escalating labyrinth walls, protruding arms from “the other side”, and sculptures based on hypothetical inventions and collectables. In addition, I included a collage on moving water mirror, an oil painting, and a 27-minute video in the screening room. The video titled, B Movie: Youtube Curation and Adaptation, strings clips which have been edited with voice over, audio manipulation, visual effects, etc to produce a humorous video allegory that transforms a seemingly mundane world into a vigorous fundamental anomaly.